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Depth to BHD deck: 9.30 m
Passengers: 1000 pers.
Subtitle: Mazovia
Crew: 54 pers.
Length o. a.: 168.00 m
Length b. p.: 150.00 m
Breadth moulded: 27.70 m
Lane Meters: 2700 m
Breadth max: 28.30 m

Modernization of ship allowed to increase number of passenger cabins as well as passengers comfort.

Propulsion system has been modernized to reduce produced contamination according to latest standards.

Vehicles arrangement on RoRo decks has been optimized for ship new weight and stability data allowing efficient vehicles transport.


Modernization project scope:
  • extension of structure for new passenger spaces
  • removal of small car deck
  • addition of sewage treatment plant
  • modification of systems:
    ♦ ventilation
    ♦ sprinkler
    ♦ firefighting
    ♦ drencher
    ♦ sanitary
  • upgrade of engine supply lines for new fuel type
  • modernization of electric system and main switch board
  • modification of lounge and restaurant
  • preparation of new stability booklet with realization and documentation of inclining test
  • preparation of IWS documentation
  • preparation of aft upper ramp removal technology

Marine Design
Ul. Teofila Firlika 20

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